Kanta Can Be Beautiful

The first of my maps have been revealed for The She-Wolf of Kanta (April 17, 2018) and it’s so beautiful! Radiant Crown Publishing has truly outdone themselves with the quality of these maps and I’m so excited to be able to share them with you!

Here’s just a short snippet of what it looks like. Click to see the full history and map!

The History of Kanta:

Kanta used to be a small city with big hopes and dreams. The people pushed back the wilderness and claimed the land for their own, creating a haven amid the old forest…

See the full map and history of Kanta!



The power of coffee and doughnuts

I finally finished editing my weird western novel, now with a brand spanking new title of: One Way Down. It’s still the same western adventures, still the same empathetic werewolf, and the same saucy vampire; but just a new title. Like a new wrapper color for your favorite deodorant, you won’t really notice much has changed. This is truly my final draft before I start shipping it around, and I’m excited to see where my baby goes. Here are a few statistics…

  • Total word count: 86,500 – a hefty increase from the 60,000 it had on the first draft
  • First written in Summer 2012
  • Lost track of how many editing passes I made…
  • Many werewolves were harmed in the making of this book
  • Many people too
  • …and a horse

I still have to figure out the query letter and the synopsis. Those are arguably the most daunting parts right next to deciding on character names, city names, and book titles. For now though I’m just happy to be finished. It’s amazing how coffee and doughnuts can boost your Saturday writing performance.

Oh and if you’re curious, here’s the Pitch Madness tag I used a few months back:

Werewolf and Vampire buddy cop detectives must solve a string of disappearances & murders in the Old West.


Of Novels and Werewolves

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an update of my writing progress. Mostly because when I’ve been getting my writing in, I haven’t had much time to do blog updates (Aka I get lazy). Lots of fun home improvement stuff has been going on lately though, which has been a ton of fun. We got the flowerbed all planted and even got some compost, soil, and mulch spread. It’s simply that time of the year again, you know how that goes. Plus we’ve picked up a ton of home improvement stuff the last couple of weeks. Everything from artwork to curtains to bits of furniture. I guess we just get in the mood to update our abode, oh, once every year or so.

I’m not quite happy with my ending on Madam Cloom’s Garden, but it’ll work until I end up revisiting it for edits in the not-too-distant future. For now, it’s done, though I predict that I’ll end up adding in at least a good 10k words onto it by the time it’s officially done. I’ve got lots of areas to streamline, others that need more description, and I have a ton of character backstory to iron out. Especially if I’m going to be continuing it in a sequel soon. Here’s the final report:

Madam Cloom’s Garden:

In the meantime I’ve been working on a werewolf short story. It’s kind of a feminist werewolf tale with hunters and crazy entrepreneurs: a steampunk dystopia perhaps? It’s tough to nail these stories into genres sometimes. Either way it’s got some disturbing themes and some tense action so far. I think I’m about 2/3 through it right now.

Untitled Steampunk Werewolf Tale:

I’ve done some planning for Camp NaNo in July, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to work on a YuGiOh! fanfiction. I’ve been watching a lot of Battle City lately and I’ve had a long fic knocking around inside my head for a few months now. Plus it’ll be a nice break before I tackle the original pieces that are wanting some heavy duty editing. If they still allow a custom word count, I’m probably going to try for 30k cause my July is going to be SO BUSY. My sister is having a wedding, plus there’s a vacation, plus a Coursera class I’ll be taking. When did my summers get so busy anyway?

In other news, I’ve caved and created a werewolf board on Pinterest. I know, I’m surprised I didn’t do this earlier too. It includes this gem:



Total Word Count for 2013: 65,203

Wicked East Press: Under the Stairs

Now Available: Under the Stairs

Wicked East Press: Under the StairsLooking for something gruesome for your stocking stuffers this year? Just in time for the holidays, the horror anthology Under the Stairs is now available, also featuring my short story, “Against Our Better Judgment”.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke: A vampire and a werewolf meet in a New Orleans graveyard to settle an old score. But this joke goes horribly wrong.

Under the Stairs is available at the Pill Hill Press Book Shoppe, Amazon, and B&N. Don’t you want a few scares before the end of the year?

When things go bump in the night and unusual sounds echo through your empty house; do you hide under the covers with your eyes squeezed tight, praying the icy air will warm and the ragged breathing will go away?

These 37 stories drag the nasties out of the dark and shine light on all the things you thought were only in your nightmares.

Do you dare to look Under The Stairs?

Halloween Musings

I love October. Fall and spring are easily my favorite times of the year, simply because I like an excuse to wear jackets and boots. And of course, I love Halloween! Werewolves are some of my favorite movie monsters around, and although I’m a bit nit-picky when it comes to my favorite werewolf shows, October gives me an excuse to pester my friends to re-watch my favorites.

So I figure this October I’ll do my best to post some clips of Halloween movies that I simply love. Let me of course warn you that most of them are going to include werewolves in some form or fashion. Not each of them – but quite a few at least. 😉

A bit of background for these episodes I suppose is in order. They’re from a 1980s series called simply “Werewolf” that follows a young guy turned into a lycanthrope, and his mission to try to kill his creator. In this lore, if you kill the one that bit you, then you are turned human again. They also use the idea that a bloody pentagram appears on the hand before a change. Pretty amusing series, and well worth a watch if you’ve never seen it.

Episode 14: All Hallow’s Eve*

Episode 16: Nightmare at the Braine Hotel*

* Please forgive the horrible quality of these videos. The only episodes around are ones folks had to tape off TV back in the 80s. The company still hasn’t released any of them out on DVD due to copyright issues regarding the music.