Bird Box by Josh MalermanĀ 

Finished: June 11, 2017

Malerman was featured on The Outer Dark podcast sometime last year, I believe. I liked what he had to say and the title and description of the book intrigued me, plus they gave it high praise on the podcast, so I added it to Goodreads. Fast forward to this summer, and Goodreads tells me it’s on sale for $2, so I just had to give it a try!

My review:

Josh Malerman’s Bird Box was one of the more terrifying horror novels I’ve read in a while. There are a number of scenes that are so suspenseful that you almost don’t want to find out what happens next. The scene in the bar was one of the more painful scenes for me. That was when I truly started admiring Malerman’s style and how intense his writing became. I binged half this book in a day because once it got rolling, it was hard to put down.

The only difficulty was the constant changes in perspective. It changes times a lot and sometimes it was difficult for me to pinpoint when a scene was happening and I had to reread sections. Overall this didn’t change how good the novel was, but it did make it slower to start. I definitely recommend it!
What I consider a 5-star book:

  1. Is it a fun read? Definitely! I actually found it hard to stop once I reached the halfway point.
  2. Would you recommend it to others? I’ve actually been dropping plot pieces to friends, describing the dystopian world and the claustrophobia of the blindness that Malerman is so good at. The premise alone sells this book, but the stellar writing is what makes me finish it.
  3. Would you re-read it? I typically don’t reread many books, but I would reread sections of this one. The writing was beautifully gruesome.
  4. Does it stick with you? Oh yes! Sometimes a bit too well. šŸ˜‰

My overall rating? 5/5


Not Your Average Monster #2 Now Available!


Slithering, wriggling, lurking, and creeping. Leaving slick trails of pustulent slime behind them.

These arenā€™t your run-of-the-mill monsters populating the pages of this tome. No, these critters feed on the fear that bubbles up inside you when all appears lost and the scent of blood is on the wind. Now is the time to face these demons and read on.


Now availableĀ at Amazon for Kindle and as a paperback.

Please leave a review either on Amazon or Goodreads! That’s the best way to help an author, especially new ones like me who are just getting started, and this anthology is full of so many new voices! šŸ™‚

If you liked my story, “Tiny Necks”, here’s how it came to be.

Hooray for To-Do Lists!

In January 2015, I felt stretched thin with all of the writing projects I was working on. So I pulled out some paper and made a list of all of them, including a to-do list for each one. It really helped to keep me focused throughout the year, and it felt so good to be able to check them off as I got them published. So I decided to make another list for this year.

Many of the novels have been works-in-progress for several years. The series I refer to as [Suzie] for example was actually the first novel I wrote back in 2010. It’s seen a great deal of improvement since then, but still has a long way to go. Others, like Beyond the Treehouse, are currently out on submission and I’m waiting to hear back on.

Traditional publishing can be very slow, I’m talking months to over a year to hear back from submitted manuscripts. Even short stories can take over a year to hear back on. I learned early that it’s a good idea to not wait around. Your best bet is to push on to your next book, your next short, or your next series. I’m putting in this disclaimer cause I don’t want people to think I’ve written all of these in a single year. These titles, of course, could change as well.

Anyway, here is my 2016 Writing To-Do list in no particular order.

With a clean list of projects, I feel like I can actually figure out what to work on next. Otherwise I flounder around trying to make a decision, and nothing gets done!

Cover Reveal and Kitty Update

It has been a ridiculously crazy few weeks! Sometimes it feels like I’m barely able to keep afloat of everything that’s going on, and when that happens I find myself at a loss for words when I finally come back to blog. Now I have to figure out how the heck to even start.

Why not begin with the good news? Take a look at this fabulous cover that’s coming up for Creepy Campfire Quarterly #1, which will feature my gruesome horror story, “A Slippery Customer”, set to be released January 20, 2016.

Creepy Campfire Quarterly #1 -- Cover

Isn’t it awesome? I’m really looking forward to reading all the other spine-tingling short stories too! Be sure to drop by the Facebook page and drop a Like, so you can stay abreast of this series. They’ve got additional horror books set to come out soon, including a Science Fiction horror themed one.

In other news, my cat Salem who I’ve had for 6+ years has been diagnosed with severe asthma. This was after he had to spend a weekend in an oxygen tank at the vet’s office, poor kitty.

SalemWe’ve got him on pills daily, which he absolutely loves to take trust me, and he’s doing better. He’s still coughing regularly and gets out of breath too, but at least he’s not having to live in an oxygen tank anymore. We also learned that he’s probably much older than we thought. When we adopted him they told us he was around 2 years old, which would make him around 8 now. Instead the vet estimates he’s at least 11. It’s just one of those things you can’t predict when you adopt fur babies. He’s been getting lots of love though, and other than his daily pill, we let him do pretty much whatever he wants.

Here’s hoping he keeps feeling better!

A Change of Cover

You might notice that I’ve updated the cover on Night Feeders. It’s one of the alternate covers that Fena provided for me. I was growing tired of the dusty western look, and wanted to push readers more in the direction of horror. Especially considering how creeped out some of my readers have been after reading it. (Cue evil writer laughter here.)

Let me know what you think of it. I’ve updated it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, but it might take a while to update completely. I’m doing a refresher course on this self-publishing stuff since I have a YA Sci-Fi apocalyptic piece I want to put up in the next month or so. For some reason, YA Science Fiction just isn’t selling in the short story genres much lately. You would think it would considering the Hunger Games is so popular, but oh well!

Look for more updates in the weeks to come. Especially post-Camp NaNo!