Desperation can be dangerous.

Shaleigh is tired of dealing with her delusional father. He’s never quite been the same since mom left. Shaleigh was only a baby at the time, but now at sixteen she’s become her father’s caretaker and counselor. Instead of dealing with the stress, she escapes into her photography. With her best friend she explores abandoned buildings and documents their rotting walls and degrading infrastructure. One house she has wanted to visit for a long time has a tree growing out the middle of it, and it’s a treat to finally visit. Only when the two friends split up, she is kidnapped by a creature who is clearly not human. Flying atop of a bicycle, Shaleigh finds herself in another world.

In a kingdom known as The Garden where minotaurs pull carriages and living statues work as librarians, Madam Cloom and her faerie servant Teagan rule over the land with incredible but terrifying magic. Like all humans who are kidnapped and brought to their world, Shaleigh must prove she is the reincarnation of a long dead ruler. It doesn’t matter if she believes it’s true or not because if she doesn’t play along, she’ll be sent to work in the fields for the rest of her life. Together with a stone lion, a stoat Seeker, and Teagan’s ex-boyfriend, she is determined to do whatever it takes to get home again, but her zeal may lead to her undoing. The Garden is full of manipulators, and Shaleigh’s desperation may blind her to far worse threats.


Publication Date: TBA


From The Parliament House Press.